Customers who don’t get it

Customers at the Richmond, Virginia, Asian fusion restaurant where Kat Combs, 18, works are generally nice, she said. But since reopening, some have behaved poorly.

“One of our first nights of reopening, some guy came to the bar and yelled at our manager. [He said] ‘you need to hire more staff,’ as if she could solve that problem right then, right there,” she said.

Some customers get frustrated when they have to wait for a table, even though many tables are unoccupied. They don’t understand that the restaurant doesn’t have enough staff to serve them or cook their food, Combs said.

“I try to explain and most of the time, they’re understanding,” Combs added. But sometimes, she said, they don’t really care what she has to say. Combs will leave her job at the end of the summer when she enters her sophomore year at college. There, she’ll likely look for an on-campus job.

Ingrid Moody, 56, has been working at a steakhouse in Riverview, Florida since November. She’s also found customers to be more difficult.

These days, some customers are “entitled,” she said. “We have less staff and less kitchen crew and people just don’t seem to care,” she said. “They’re very demanding. And they take it out on your tips.”

Moody is contemplating leaving her job. “If a better opportunity came available in a restaurant right now, I probably would take it,” she said.

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