Tunisia’s Prime Minister Sacked After Violent Covid-19 Protests.

Tunisia’s president has sacked the country’s prime minister and halted parliament’s operations following violent mass protests nationwide on Sunday.

President Kais Saied, who was elected in 2019, announced he was taking over.

His Protesters erupted with celebration in the streets of Tunis but his opponents in Parliament immediately accused him of staging a coup.

“We have taken these decisions.. until social
peace returns to Tunisia and until we save the
state” he said in a televised address after an
emergency security meeting following nationwide protests.

Thousands of people defied virus restrictions and scorching heat to demonstrate Sunday in the capital of Tunis and other cities. The largely young crowds shouted “Get out!” and slogans calling for the dissolution of parliament and early elections.

The protests were called on the 64th anniversary of Tunisia’s independence bya new group called the July 25 Movement. Security forces deployed in force, especially in Tunis where police blockades blocked all streets leading to the main artery of the capital, Avenue

The avenue was a key site for the
Tunisian revolution a decade ago that brought
down a dictatorial regime and unleashed the Arab
Spring uprisings.
Police also deployed around the parliament,
preventing demonstrators from accessing it.

Police used tear gas to disperse some
demonstrators throwing projectiles at officers and
made several arrests. Clashes also took place in
several other towns, notably in Nabeul, Sousse,
Kairouan, Sfax and Tozeur.
Protesters also stormed the offices of the Islamist
movement Ennahdha, the dominant force in

Videos circulating online showed
smoke pouring out of the Ennahdha building. The smoke pouring out of the Ennahdha building. The attackers damaged computers and other equipment inside and threw documents onto the streets.

The party denounced the attack, saying that
“criminal gangs” from inside and outside Tunisia
are trying to “seed chaos and destruction in the service of an agenda aimed at harming the
Tunisian democratic process.”

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