Storybook marriage turns ugly as Dr. Han Jo Kim claims in divorce papers his beauty queen wife lived a secret life as high-priced call girl earning nearly $700k from clients

A prominent New York spinal surgeon’s storybook marriage to a beauty queen has turned ugly after he found out about her secret life as a high-end hooker/call girl.

Dr. Han Jo Kim wants to divorce former Miss USA contestant Regina Turner, alleging the beautiful model earned nearly $700,000 in cash from her paying clients while leading a lucrative double life before and after their Nov. 27, 2015, wedding, court documents reveals.

Divorce papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court detail how Kim found out shocking details about his darling wife in December 2020, nine years after she served as Miss Connecticut in the annual MISS USA pageant

While using a computer in one of their million-dollar homes, Kim discovered a raunchy Message meant for Turner that revealed her sexual encounter with another man, the documents alleged.

That was not all.

Kim found out other wealthy men were paying Turner for sexual services, including a prominent businessman, , a New Jersey-based real estate executive and an award-winning lighting designer, Kim says in court papers.

“Not to belabor the obvious but … defendant clearly committed material fraud upon Dr. Kim by concealing her sale of sexual services in exchange for money prior to the marriage,” Kim charges in court papers.

“As is further obvious, plaintiff would have never married defendant absent her lies and concealment.”

The court documents include financial records allegedly indicating payments from some men to Turner, and a hearing in the contentious case is scheduled for Monday, July 26.

The New Jersey real estate executive wrote checks, many for $2,000 each, made out to cash that were deposited in Turner’s account, according to records. Documents filed by Kim show a total of $185,500 in deposits from an account in the executive’s name. The lighting designer’s company wired Turner a total of $116,000 over six years, according to bank records included in the court filing. Many of the individual payments were $10,000.

Yet Turner claimed in January that her income was $0 and that she was “totally dependent on (Kim) for support,” papers read.

“On many of the occasions that defendant represented that she was out with girlfriends, she was, in fact, providing sexual services in exchange for money to men,” the complaint states.

The explosive allegations are included in a proposed amended complaint that seeks to void the marriage on the grounds that Kim was a victim of fraud.

The documents say Turner’s alleged deception began on the couple’s earliest dates back in 2013, when she told Kim that she had attended the University of Connecticut for three years to study science before taking a leave of absence to compete in Miss USA. In reality, according to Kim’s papers, Turner never graduated high school.

Turner also allegedly claimed that she needed to frequently visit China for weeks at a time in connection with an app she was developing to let users snap a photo of clothes and find out where the garments are sold.

“In fact such travel was in connection with defendant’s provision of sexual services in exchange for money,” Kim’s papers read.

A subpoena for Turner’s bank records allegedly showed $675,030 in cash deposits from 2015 to 2021.

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