I’m not dead – Nonagenarian scholar, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi debunks death rumour

The nonagenarian scholar, Sheikh Bauchi, who is one of the leaders of the Sufi group, Tijjaniya Movement, in Nigeria, on Wednesday, however, debunked the rumour in a voice message circulated online, declaring that he is not only alive but also yet to complete his divine assignment on earth.

Rumours were rife from Tuesday evening till Wednesday morning in Bauchi, the Bauchi State capital, and on the social media that the 94-year-old cleric is dead, prompting his followers and admirers to troop to his house to see for themselves.

The nonagenarian scholar, who is well known for his Qur’an Tafsir, urged the rumour peddlers to wait until it would be time for him to join Muslims who had passed away.

He, however, urged Muslims across the world to pray for him as he needs prayers now more than before.

Read his statements below…

“I am not dead yet; I am still alive but those people that are carrying the rumour should wait a little for my time to come when I will join the rest of Muslim Ummah who have gone.

“My regards to all members of the Muslims Ummah in the world. They should continue praying for me. I need their prayers more seriously than before.

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