Sky Brown becomes Great Britain’s youngest Olympic medallist

Sky Brown, 13, becomes Britain’s youngest Olympic medallist after winning bronze. Sakura Yosozumi, Kokona Hiraki and Sky Brown were on a podium, with Olympic medals around their necks, trying to explain how it felt to win gold, silver and bronze on skateboards with a combined age of 44. “Stoked”, “insane”, and “crazy happy” summed it up.

Sky Brown has been crowned Great Britain’s youngest Olympic medallist after winning bronze in the women’s skateboard park event at the Ariake Urban Arena in Tokyo.

“That’s the cutest press conference ever,” one journalist said as the three swapped jokes and talked about being best friends and how they had helped each other through Olympic competition. At 19, 12 and 13 respectively, it was one of the youngest, and certainly most gleeful, podiums ever.

The teenager showed extraordinary skill to finish third just over a year after fracturing her skull in a training crash that could have killed her. 

She nailed her last attempt with a score of 56.47 to finish behind the Japanese pair Sakura Yosozumi and Kokona Hiraki.

Brown, who was born in Miyazaki, Japan, to a Japanese mother and British father, competed at the US Open in 2016 at the age of eight and first elected to compete for Great Britain in 2018.

Brown posted a video clip of the fall on her Instagram account, which has approaching one million followers, along with the message: “I’m excited to come back even stronger and even tougher. My heart wants to go so hard right now.”

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