Hundreds protest Swiss Court after rapist’s sentence is reduced by a female judge because the sex assault ‘only lasted 11 minutes’ (photos)

Hundreds protest Swiss court after a female judge reduced a rapist’s prison sentence, ruling that the victim’s 11-minute ordeal was ‘relatively short ‘ and that the victim had not been severely injured.

The attack was carried out by two Portuguese nationals, aged 17 and 32, on a 33-year-old woman outside the entrance to her flat in the city of Basel in February last year.

The Victim’s Lawyer said she was shocked by the appeal court’s verdict, which appeared to partially blame the victim for the rape.

The 32-year-old victim named only as Joao P., had his sentence cut from 51 months to 36 months by the appeals court in Basel.

Factors which went to that judgment, including that the woman ‘sent out signals’ and had been ‘playing with fire’ before the assault, have incensed the public.

It was reported that the judge also said the female rape victim had sent out “certain signals,” Swiss media reported. A spokeswoman for the court refused to further explain that statement by the judge.

The judge had announced the verdict in the courtroom last month but a written ruling will only be published in a few weeks, the court said.

Around 500 mainly female demonstrators stood outside the courthouse on Sunday to observe a symbolic 11-minute silence in solidarity with the victim, holding up banners which said: ’11 minutes are 11 minutes too much!’

There is no such thing as a short rape’ and that it was the judiciary which was ‘sending out the wrong signals.’ says women

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