Actor Timini egbuson ex-girlfriend Lydia calls him out for dating naive teenagers

Lydia Balogun, estranged girlfriend of Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson, says the movie star is a known sucker for naive teenage girls.

The estranged girlfriend took to her Instagram page to accuse the actor, for allegedly trying to damage her reputation.

According to Lydia Balogun is a predator, pervert and all round terrible person and she had no idea of his escapades when she met him.

The actor told her he made an exception for her seeing as she was 19 as at then, but she went through hell in the relationship which scarred her. Lydia continued that Timini’s friends, neighbors know of his ugly sexual escapades and he has a pattern for going after much younger girls.

Read what she said below….

“Timini Egbuson you are a predator, a cradle snatcher, you’re a pervert and an all-round terrible person. Meeting this man, I had no clue about his sexual past or who he had been involved with, didn’t know anyone from his social circle. And now I know it is also intentional,”

She further said that she didn’t make any drama seeing as the actor’s family and friends were nice to her and she did not want to gain enemies.

According to her, since they split, Timini has been using his influence to tarnish her name and drag her through the mud.

Lydia also revealed that the actor has slept with every breathing thing in Lagos and Abuja, and in the same breath called out her friends that have slept with him.

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