Tennessee Flooding: 21 dead, 20 others missing

21 people have been confirmed dead while about 20 others remain missing after severe flooding that swept through Humphreys County in Middle Tennessee.

21 of those killed in the flooding on Saturday were confirmed dead within the city of Waverly, the county seat, a news release from the Humphreys County Emergency Management Agency said.

According to an eye witness, The flooding damaged infrastructure, schools, homes and other facilities in Waverly.

“We’ve experienced devastating loss of life over the last couple days, another witness said.

He also added, he believed federal assistance would be needed for the community to recover.

Local officials revised the number of missing down from an earlier count of 45. Gillespie explained the figure was high because the storm had knocked out cell service, making it difficult for people to reach their loved ones.

The community needs “patience and prayers,” Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis told reporters, asking people to stay out of the area while authorities continue search and rescue operations.

A reunification center has been opened at McEwen High School, where community members can report missing people, the sheriff’s office said. In the meantime, three shelters have been set up in Waverly, at the Waverly Church of Christ, First Baptist Church and Compassion Church, Humphreys County officials said.

Read what a survivor said below…

“My house fell off the foundation while were still in it, so we had to break the window in the kitchen and crawl out of it and get up on the roof as fast as we could,” she said.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden on Sunday pledged support for states experiencing extreme weather, including Tennessee, saying the administration would offer any assistance the state needs following the floods.

Read what he said below…

“I want to begin by expressing my deepest condolences for the sudden and tragic loss of life due to this flash flood.

“I know we reached out to the community, and we stand ready to offer them support.”

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