First male to publicly accuse R. kelly of sexual assault

First male to publicly accuse R. kelly of sexual assault. A man identified only as “Louis” testified on Monday at R. Kelly’s trial, saying the singer sexually abused him.

According to Louis, Kelly asked him what he “was willing to do” to advance his music career — and that the singer brought the teenager to his garage and crawled up to him to perform a sex act on him.

“He just told me we had to keep it between me and him, that we’re family now. We’re brothers.’” he said

Kelly is not charged with having a role in the attempted bribery, and Louis testified Monday that Kelly was not aware of the plan.

His testimony came in the third week of Kelly’s Brooklyn federal trial on racketeering and sex trafficking charges. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The two first met around 2006, when Louis was a senior in high school and working at a McDonald’s in the Chicago area. The singer gave him and another worker his phone number while in the drive-through line, Louis testified.

Louis said that his mother called Mr. Kelly, hopeful that the entertainer could help further her son’s music ambitions, and Mr. Kelly invited the family to a party at his mansion. While there, the two took a photo and the singer whispered in his ear that he should come back to other parties alone, Louis told jurors.

Afterward, Louis twice traveled to Mr. Kelly’s studio, known as the Chocolate Factory, to record music and receive feedback, he said. Their first sexual encounter came after the singer invited Louis under a similar guise, he said, and then asked if he “had any fantasies” involving men once he arrived.

As they continued to meet, Louis said Mr. Kelly began to call him a “little brother,” told him to refer to him as “Daddy” and recorded their sexual encounters. He said that he kept seeing Mr. Kelly because he “really wanted to make it,” and that he took friends to some of the singer’s parties. Louis said Mr. Kelly asked him to “keep bringing” back one of his best friends.

The friend was a 16-year-old boy who later received Mr. Kelly’s phone number, Louis said, and court documents say that Mr. Kelly began having sexual encounters with him, too, while he was underage. On one occasion, the singer directed the two to “touch each other” sexually, Louis testified, but they refused.

At another point, Louis said, he and Mr. Kelly met at his home in Olympia Fields, Ill., in a garage set up as a workout area. Mr. Kelly “snapped his fingers two times,” Louis testified, and a naked “young lady” crawled out from under a boxing ring that was in the room.

Mr. Kelly instructed her to perform a sex act on himself, and then on Louis, he said.

“It was just a weird situation,” Louis said. “It was uncomfortable.”

Mr. Kelly, who has appeared impassive through most of the trial, seemed to become agitated by Louis’s testimony, wiping his head and clutching his mask while the man was on the stand Monday. As Louis spoke, Mr. Kelly shook his head and folded his hands.

Another Accuser

A woman named Addie testified on Monday that when she was 17 years old, Mr. Kelly invited her backstage after a performance. She told him that she was underage, she said, and he assaulted her.

After Mr. Kelly’s performance, two men “who looked like bouncers” approached Addie and her friend and told them that they could go backstage for an autograph, she said.

The two were taken to a large dressing room, Addie told jurors. She said he gave her his autograph and she told him that she was “an aspiring artist.” Mr. Kelly wrote his hotel room number — 1031 — at the bottom of her program and encouraged her to come audition, she said. But she told him that she was 17, and did not even know if she was allowed backstage.

Mr. Kelly then cleared the room, and told the pair “he wanted to play a game” to see “who could kiss better.” He kissed her friend, she said, and then began to kiss Addie as well, she testified.

“He started getting a little more aggressive,” she said, and directed her to the back of the room. He held her wrists, unzipped her shorts and had unprotected sexual intercourse with her, she said. “At this point, I was in complete shock,” she continued. “I just went blank.”

Afterward, Addie and her friend “ran out of there,” she said. Her friend wanted her to contact the police and press charges, she said. But Addie feared that she would be “blacklisted” from the entertainment industry if she did.

“I didn’t even know if they would believe me,” she said. “I didn’t want to be victim-shamed.”

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