20th wedding anniversary: Comedian Okey Bakassi celebrate wife with emotional words

Popular comedian, Okey Bakassi, and his wife celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary yesterday September 1.

He took to social media to celebrate his wife, Zizi, on their anniversary. Bakassi noted that he and his wife have grown together and that they would age together gracefully

According to him, he and his wife started out with humble beginnings in FESTAC, their wedding in Port Harcourt, their three kids as well as the lonely nights they spent apart while facing challenges.

He added that God has been with them through it all and that he and his wife have grown together and they will also age gracefully together.

”Wow it’s 20yrs already…. I still remember the many love letters….our humble beginning in that Festac BQ…many people doubted, but we believed….the wedding in PH. The kids came….Dera, Fechi and Cheta. The challenges…lonely nights apart. It has not been easy but God has been with us.

Together we started…..Together we have grown…..we’ll age Together my darling wife. I love you Zizi….even the world knows


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