‘Ghost and the tout too: Iyabo Ojo accuses Funke Akindele of being full of jealousy and negativity

Controversial actress, Iyabo Ojo has slammed her colleague, Funke Akindele over the poor rating of Abraham’s new movie, ‘Ghost and the tout too’.

Iyabo Ojo claim Funke Akindele paid a popular Instagram blogger popularly known as cinema pointer to rubbish Toyin Abraham’s latest film, Ghost and Tout Too.

“Not Recommended for intelligent people. Over the years, we have told you many truths but non Greater than this: Intelligent minds were not taken into consideration at all in the writing and in the making of ‘Ghost and The Tout Too‘.

Iyaba Ojo summoned courage, stormed Cinema Pointer’s page and expressed her disappointment.

She also fingered Funke Akindele for sponsoring the negative review of Toyin Abraham’s new flick.

She even went ahead to accuse Funke Akindele of being full of jealousy and negativity, adding that The Ghost and The Tout 2 will surpass Funke’s Omo Ghetto.

Read what she wrote below…

“How much did Funke pay you to write this rubbish? The day she begins to find ways not to talk bad about her fellow colleagues or discredit their work or personality, that day she will begin to experience inner peace,” angry Iyaba Ojo fumed.

Meanwhile, The comment from Iyabo Ojo has sparked numerous reactions from fans who believe she is creating a drama for no reason.

Some believed she didn’t have to speak on behalf of Toyin Abraham, while some think Iyabo Ojo has a problem with Funke Akindele’s success.

A user identified as Oklaji fired Iyabo Ojo, asking why she was pained over the review. She also questioned her if Toyin Abraham had paid her for the unnecessary comment.

@iyaboojofespris you must really think everyone is like you. @funkejenifaakindele does not need to bribe anybody because of box office, this is a page where movies are being reviewed, why are you pained? or don’t you like correction? Why the hell are you even talking for @toyin_abraham did you pay you too?…

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