Past & present tenses are super important: Anita Okoye responds to Instagram users questioning why she didn’t add Paul Okoye to family photos she posted

Anita Okoye has responded to followers questioning her choices and how she’s raising her kids.

The mum-of-three recently moved to the US with her kids and filed for divorce from her husband, Paul Okoye.

One follower then left a comment, asking how she’s inculcating “our traditional belief pattern, discipline, and language” into her kids now that they are abroad.

“It worries me a lot,” the Instagram user added as he told Anita that “our way” and the ways of the westerners “do not align”.

Anita responded, “Instagram really gives people a sense of entitlement to have an opinion and even be worried ‘a lot’ about how I live my life!”

She said the followers comment left her “perplexed”.

Another follower also commented on a family photo shared by Anita.

The photo included Anita’s three kids and the follower questioned why Anita didn’t “add” Paul Okoye.

Anita responded: “SMH! Past & present tenses are super important!”

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