Kelly Rowland gives epic response after a South African radio host called her ugly

Kelly Rowland is currently trending in South Africa for giving what most are calling an epic clapback to a South African media personality who tried to shame her.

Anele Mdoda had said Kelly Rowland doesn’t look good without make-up.

She said: “Kelly looks amazing with make-up. Take that make-up off then it’s tickets. I have receipts.”

Then Anele shared a photo of herself in a yellow bathing suit while on vacation.

In the photo, she’s seen posing with the ocean and the sky as a backdrop.

Two days later, Kelly Rowland posed in the exact same yellow swimsuit with the ocean and the sky as backdrop.

“I’m so feeling me right now,” Kelly Rowland captioned her photos.

South Africans see Kelly’s post, coming two days after Anele’s post, as a silent clapback from Kelly asking Anele to compare both of them to see who looks ugly.

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