“Someone broke off our relationship because a seer told him we won’t last – Nigerian woman advises people to run away from anyone addicted to prophets

A Nigerian woman Identified as Nnenna Nwosu has advised people to stay away from anyone addicted to prophets and seers.

She gave the advice while reacting to a post written by a Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu in which he advised people to avoid prophecy when choosing life partners.

According to Nwosu, her ex who ended their relationship because of a prophecy is almost 50 and still not married.

Read what she wrote below…

“Someone broke off our relationship then because a a seer told him we won’t last. He’s almost 50 now and still not married,” she wrote.

“Runaway from people who are addicted to prophets and prophecies and seers. You are the one dating the person. You know the person more. If he or she is good being your husband or wife the go ahead. God is your father, you are not a spiritual bastard.” she added.

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