NUC Reveals Why Nigeria Produces Poor PhD Holders

The Federal Government has reacted over the poor quality of PhD researches being churned out by Nigerian universities and huge copyright infringement, attributing them to some avoidable factors.

The government also expressed disappointment in what it described “meddlesome interlopers” in disciplines which they were not competent thereby making PhD students “victims of interminable doctoral programmes” and frustration.

The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, Prof. Abubakar Rasheed, represented by the Deputy ES (Academics), Dr. Suleiman Ramon-Yusuf, stated these in a speech delivered during the inauguration of the Doctoral Academy of Nigeria and training workshop on PhD research supervision.

According to him, being a Professor does not mean that the person can supervise very well.

He said, “A litany of problems have been identified, ranging from poor quality of doctoral thesis occasioned by the fact that a lot of the PhD thesis were sponsored by staff who themselves are underpaid.

We wonder how somebody who is not well paid will use part of his salary while his wife watches him to go and do PhD research.

“So all of these problems lead to frustration and at the end, the product or quality of the school is not what it should be.

“For us at the NUC, this step being taken by the committee is long in coming and it is very important because we hope that this will be the beginning of disaggregating the issues and challenges of post-doctoral education in Nigeria, doctoral supervision in terms of the timeliness, quality, and relevance of research projects.

She recommended improvement on the number and quality of PhD supervisors.

“I am delighted to hear that the academy would not just be training postgraduate students because the supervisors themselves require continuing training. I am aware that a very robust programme exist in at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa where they have acknowledged that you can be a Professor and published in this area ten years ago, your knowledge is definitely outdated.

“To avoid this transfer of obsolescence and outdated ideas, both the teachers and the students will continue to engage in constantly moving the frontiers of knowledge.

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