I wonder why Buhari thanked Britain for Nigeria’s unification –Falana

Human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, has said he was surprised that the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), could hail Britain for uniting Nigeria in his Independence Day speech.

Falana, while speaking on Sunday Politics, a current affairs programme of the Channels Television, noted that Nigeria is still grappling with underdevelopment due to its failure to remove structures mounted by the British colonialists.

When asked if it had been so far so good since Nigeria’s independence in 1960, Falana said it had been “so far ,so bad.”

The activist added, “Nigeria has refuse to get it right; whereas, in 1960, Nigeria was ahead of many countries in Asia, including, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the rest of them. Today, some of these countries have frog jumped; they have left us as a Third World country and they have metamorphosed into First World.

Falana cited the example of the Nigeria Police, Nigerian Army and other security agencies, which have “continued to perform the roles they were performing under the colonial regime, i.e. these were forces set up to intimidate and harass our people, and extort levies and taxes from them. And that has continued up till now.”

He also noted that the colonial regime adopted divide et impera taxim – divide and rule – in order to satisfy imperialism; noting that Nigeria was not established for the development of the country but was set up to facilitate the brutal exploitation of its human and natural resources after the slave trade.

“Unfortunately, when military adventurers in politics stepped in in 1960, the situation became worse. The country that was trying to practise federalism was turned into a unitary one,” Falana added.

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