2021 Girl-Child-Day: Actress Ini Edo claims Girls have no place, value in Africa

Nollywood Actress, ini Edo, has taken to her Instagram account to say that girls have no place and value in africa.

According to the actress, International Day of the Girl Child, is focused on celebrating and enlightening the girl child about her opportunities in the world but in Africa, the girl child has no place and value.

Read what she wrote below…

It has been of great honor for the girl child to have a day to be marked and celebrated, but so far, have they really been celebrated and valued in Africa? Another question to be asked.

Religiously, we understand that all men are equal but in Africa, women aren’t anywhere close to being equal The girl child is the mother of all children, but in Africe, the girl child has no place and value.

We can only move forward by carrying the girl child along. Our society can only be a better place when the girl child can stand, represent and speak up for her people Today I celebrate with all the girl child, it is our day, it is our time.

Never relernt in your pursuit in all that you do We are getting there, and we will be there God willing. Happy Girl Child Day.

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