BBNaija : I caught my husband cheating on me with another woman – Tega reveals

My husband cheating on our matrimonial home left me devastated says BbNaija Tega.

Reality star, Tega, has reveals for the first time the reason she had sex with her fellow housemate Boma in the Big brother house.

According to the star, she had sex in the BbNaija house because she was depressed and needed to remove her mind from some certain things that has happened to her lately.

I never really wanted to go to BbNaija but I later changed my mind after discovering that my husband was cheating on me with another woman. She said.

“I’m used to talking to people in my street so I asked them about him. I got to know he brought the girl home which made me so angry and then we talked about it but it was so defensive,” So you see BbNaija was like a distraction for me.

“What really broke me was when he confronted me that I went to Lagos and that forced him to cheat. “So when I got into BBNaija I told my husband that whatever he sees in the house he should just use the buzz for his business and not anything personal.” She added that the mistake she made was going to the house as a married woman.

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