Edo State: Pensioners protest non-payment of gratuities, salary harmonization, others

Pensioners in their hundreds blocked the entire section of the busy road as they protested non-payment of 10 years gratuities for workers from the state civil service and 13 years for local government retirees.

They also protested against the continued deduction of one per cent of their income to the Nigerian Union of Pensioners (NUP) and that their salaries have not been harmonized to ensure that all those who retired at the same level earn the same salary irrespective of the year they retired.

“We are all pensioners that are alive we all have issues with the government if it is not harmonization, it is the consequential adjustment of the N30,000 minimum wage every pensioner that is still alive today has issues with the government” one of the protesters Gordon Osamunyi said:

According to Gordon, There is no harmonization of pensions which is making people who retired in the same salary grade level earn the same pension irrespective of the time they retired. “This is in the constitution but the Edo State government has not done so. There are increases that would have harmonized salaries but they were not done dating back to the period of Lucky Igbinedion.”

“Then we have an issue with not paying gratuity. Since this government came in 2016, they have not paid a single year’s gratuity.

At least the previous government tried to pay at least one set in a year and people are retiring every time. Let the government start paying like his predecessor did.

“In 2017, April precisely, the present government called those who retired in 2012 and 2013 because Oshimhole’s government stopped in 2011 for screening.

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