Police restarts commitment to ensure smooth conduct of Anambra Governorship Election

The Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of operations has been tasked to commence the process of training and re-training of operatives of the PMF in order to strengthen the south-East operational capacity and exposing those behind the killings in South-East to modern tactical and combat requirements”.

Amid November 6th, 2021 Anambra Governorship elections, Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba has revealed that the Police is in possession of intelligence showing that subversive elements are planning to threaten the process and the smooth conduct of the election.

Consequently, the IGP has tasked Squadron Commanders of Police Mobile Force and their units that will be deployed for the elections to ensure they deter the elements by being ruthless noting,

“The task of securing our democratic values and guarantying a safe, secure and credible electoral process in Anambra state will rest squarely and majorly on some of you, the Squadron Commanders said.

Alkali Baba who spoke while declaring the one day Squadron Commander’s Conference in Abuja, also warned of severe consequences for those involved in unprofessional conduct and other infractions being committed by PMF personnel across the country especially as it pertains to illegal deployments.

He said, “As you are aware, the Anambra governorship election will hold on 6th November, 2021. The election security action plan will as usual revolve Units of the Mobile Police Force.

I must strongly warn you to ensure that you demonstrate high level of professionalism, strong supervisory capacity on your units, and the firmness and courage which are the traditional hallmarks of the Police Mobile Force”.

“Citizens of this country are worried about the illegalities of some bad eggs within the fold of the PMF as well as the tendency for corruption by some others. These misconducts are direct consequences of supervisory ineptitude by some of you, the Squadron Commanders.

Accordingly we shall not spare any PMF operative that continues to conduct himself or herself in manners that are not edifying to the Nigeria Police force.

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