Jay-Z happily reacts to seeing Kelly Rowland at ‘The Harder They Fall Premier’

It was gathered that Jay Z, while promoting his upcoming film “The Harder They Fall” got an unexpected surprise: an appearance from his longtime friend Kelly Rowland.

On Wednesday (Oct. 13), the Brooklyn star, who serves as one of the movie’s co-producers, gathered with co-stars and close friends for a private screening in L.A.

As he headed inside the building, he caught sight of Rowland; According to the source Jay Z was very happy to run into Rowland and he couldn’t hide his excitement.

Many of his fans were obsessed with this super cute moment from last night’s special screening of The Harder They Fall,”

Some of them even went to social media to express their opinion:

The tweet read; lol! Jay Z got carried away after see his long time friend (Kelly Rowland)

Another tweet read; “When you about to leave the family function, but they bring out a fresh pan of mac & cheese,” SuperJaxicie penned in a tweet.

@trapcre also acknowledged Hov’s appearance. “Is it me or does Jay look kinda fine right here?” he asked. “The skin is kinda skinning.”

@treasurxdona wrote, “When you hardly wanted to be at the function, but then your favorite cousin show up. Love Black folks.”

Many users noted that JAY expressed more emotion in the clip that they’d ever witnesses throughout the course of his rap career. “This the most expressive I’ve seen him and he been famous for 25 years lmaooo,” wrote @weinapandemic.

Meanwhile, A video of him has surfaced online, in the video the actor was seen showcasing his excitement after seeing Rowland.

Read below..

@weinapandemic_ “This the most expressive I’ve seen him and he been famous for 25 years lmaooo.

“I have never seen JAY-Z this happy to see somebody Kelly Rowland is definitely like apart of the Family,” added @_Pvack_. Another fan, @brittcouture_, claimed that JAY-Z looked “like an auntie who hasn’t seen you since you were little.”

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