Yemi Alade declares war as Ed Sheeran says he prefers Ghanaians Jollof rice

Popular Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, has declared a battle on the international scene on behalf of Nigerians and their high-value jollof rice. An unending battle between Nigeria and Ghana is the fight for Jollof rice supremacy as both countries swear that their version is the best.

The only unending war between Nigerians and Ghanaians is the battle for the best version of jollof rice Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, in a recent post shared the moment she met British singer, Ed Sheeran at an event.

The singers got talking and Ed confessed that he prefers Ghana’s version of Jollof to Nigeria’s even though he hasn’t been to Nigeria.

Ed Sheeran who has been to Ghana revealed that he prefers their version even though he has not been to Nigeria and has no idea what Nigerian jollof tastes like. Yemi Alade in her caption noted that the battle has not been won yet, most likely until Ed Sheeran visits Nigeria.

“So @teddysphotos Started arguing about Ghanaian and Nigerian jollof (he hasn’t eaten Nigerian jollof yet oo ,the battle hasn’t been won).”

Have you been to both Nigeria and Ghana?

Which country’s version of Jollof rice do you prefer?

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