Funny Face leaves suicidal note for his children as Qwik Loan asks him to pay loan

After using unprintable words to describe Fada Dickson, Adebayor and Bola Ray, the actor has proceeded to share a suicidal note. Funny Face shared the message on his WhatsApp status.

In the screenshot seen by (NAN) Funny Face received a message from Qwick Loan that says “Thank you for your payment. Please settle the remaining balance of GHS 575.83 by 19-10-21 to avoid a late payment fee of 12.5%”.

Funny replied to the message with a letter to his children. “My #ELLAandBELLA (Amakom Kumasi ) .. my sweet beautiful 1 baby KIMBLYN (Pataaase, Kumasi ) .. my ever precious YAA BOATEMAA Papabi(Stuttgart, GERMANY) tonight ur father dies as a hero”.

He continued that “may my great ancestors protect you girls till we meet again .. I have given all my properties details to my senior sister (ur Aunty ) sister Lydia in Kumasi.. girls be happy and make merry cos ur father was poor .. his father’s father was extremely poor .. as for ur father’s ancestors .. poor is an understatement .. they were ” POOH girls”.

“Ur father couldn’t make his dreams come .. !” he concluded in the screenshot below.

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