Police releases Patrick Echolor from their custody

Eholor who narrated his ordeal to Vanguard, thanked Nigerians who called for his release and for showing unconditional love and support.

He said he was brutally harassed and handled by officers and men of the Nigerian Police Force thrown into a waiting ‘Black Maria’ belonging to the force. He said: “Thank you all for your unconditional love and support.

I will forever be grateful to the Almighty God for sending good Nigerians and good people around the globe into my life.

“I have been released from police dentition.”

However, being a man who has been in the frontlines demanding social justice for oppressed Nigerians including poorly treated men and women of security agencies in the country said deserves transformation and to be well treated.

“I sympathize with the Nigerian police, they are victims of the federal government of Nigeria, they are bred not trained, they need our prayers, and they need psychological evaluation”, he said.

“The forces of change will be invincible and there is nothing these so called political elites who most of them are actual thieves, thugs and reptilians can do about it. He further stated that, “We really need to straighten our judicial system. Nigeria’s liberation will come in time through scorn and technology this I know 100 per cent.


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