Bullying: Mercy Johnson reveals why she won’t withdraw her daughter, Purity from Chrisland School

Mercy Johnson reveals why she won’t withdraw her daughter, purity from Chrisland School.

Actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie has revealed that she and the management of Chrisland school attended by her daughter, Purity have reached a resolution.

In a statement she shared with The Cable Lifestyle, the actress said, “Purity had an encounter with a Teacher whose seemingly inflexible approach got her off-balance.

Recall that Mercy Johnson-Okojie had issued stern warning to those who hate her and try to transfer such hated to her kids.

This came after her daughter, Purity said that a certain teacher at her school has been bullying her for two weeks constantly.

According to Purity, A certain teacher in my school has been bulling me, she is not my class teacher but shows up everyday to bully and intimidate me. She tells me to my face that she does not like my mother.

In the recent development, Mercy Johnson Okojie, says she won’t Withdraw her daughter from Chrisland after the incident.

In her words;

“We have been able to have a deep, frank conversation with the Chrisland authorities and we have come to a meaningful positive resolution. It is our choice to move forward together as crucial partners.”

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