Northern christian elders asks president Buhari to appoint indigenous christians from Katsina before talking about unity

President Buhari

The Northern christian elders has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint indigenous christians from Katsina before talking about Nigeria’s unity.

In a statement by its chairman, Ejoha Onyinehi, the Christian elders on Sunday described the call by the president for Nigerians to unite in his recent 61st-anniversary broadcast as mere rhetoric if he fails to practice what he preaches.

“We join the president in appealing for a united, equitable, Nigeria that is fair and just to all, irrespective of religion, tribe, origin or region. We, however, add that unity must first begin with the president himself. Let him unite the nation by bringing people together through appointments, that are not based on mere relationship with him or religion or any primordial considerations but competent hands, across religious, tribal and regional divides.

“In this regard, we appeal to Mr President to start by appointing competent indigenous Christians from his home state of Katsina into key government positions.
“He will do more in promoting unity across religious and tribal lines by appointing not just a section to key sensitive institutions (customs, inland revenue, accountant general, financial institutions etc.)”

The elders also reiterated that same goes for the security outfits ie the Police, Army Air Force, Navy Prisons, Immigration, Civil Defence, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, etc. which should reflect the regional and religious diversity of the country.
To this end, the Christian Elders noted that “the president cannot preach unity and be appointing only a section of Nigerians to hold sensitive positions,” saying “the president is not preaching unity when telling a section of Nigerians that by religion, ethnicity and region they are incompetent to hold sensitive positions in his government.

“Let us, as a nation, re-ignite our successes of the past when great minds and national pride like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Prof. Adesina Akinwumi, Arumah Oteh, Amina Mohammed, Prof. Atahiru Jega, Dora Akinyuli etc. were brought on the national stage on the basis of competence, not patronage. They, with others, did us proud and we are now celebrating them on the world stage.

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