Sheathe your swords, Waive tells Okwagbe, Owhawha communities in Delta State

Sheathe your swords, Waive tells Okwagbe, Owhawha communities in Delta State. The Member Representing Ughelli North/Ughelli South/Udu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon Francis Waive, has called on the warring communities of Okwagbe and Owhawha in Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta State to sheathe their swords.

Waive in a statement, said: “This is a clarion call on my people the good people of Ughelli North, Ughelli South, Udu Federal Constituency for peace. The communal conflicts are becoming too frequent. From Agbowiameh/Erhiawarien to Ekuigbo/Iwhreko to Obubu/Oleri to Oghior/Ukpiovwhin to the Communities around Utorogu Gas Plant and now Okwagbe/Owhawha.
“We are all one people with a common heritage. Our ancestors lived together for hundreds of years without any war amongst them. We have also lived together peacefully without any acrimony until the recent misunderstandings.

“What is happening now is strange. Strange to our history, culture and religion. Several lives have been lost and properties worth billions of naira destroyed. The livelihoods of our people are affected.
Most of these conflicts are centred around ownership of land.
“We know that land belongs to God. We all met the land and will all die someday leaving land behind. The fights and war amongst us are simply needless and worthless. Anyone can initiate a war by inciting others but no one can tell how war will end or who will be the casualties.

“Peace is always better than war. Diplomacy should be employed rather than violence. I have had to spend countless hours and days reaching out to Community and Youth leaders, Security Agencies, Traditional Rulers and leaders, Local Government Council Chairmen, political and religious leaders and others in different spheres of influence during these challenging times to restore and maintain peace. Negotiation is better than war. Tug of war results in nothing but ill-feeling, injury, death, poverty and everything evil. Violence puts a stop to development. War does nothing but cause pain and suffering. We need tolerance and negotiation which are unfailing peace strategies.
“I urge our people to use nonviolent tactics like judicial processes, information warfare, lobbying, and a spirit of giving and take to handle issues. I especially thank all our leaders who have worked hard to restore peace in each of the communities where violence had occurred.

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