Bodybuilder Victor Richards’ Daughter: “My Father Is Alive And Well”

After initial reports within the bodybuilding industry, it appears that Victor Richards is alive and well.

On Wednesday November 10th, Generation Iron Fitness Network alongside other bodybuilding outlets reported the passing of legendary bodybuilder Victor Richards.

Initial reports speculated a heart attack – but no official statement or cause of death was confirmed. The earlier reports of Victor Richards’ death are false. It has been confirmed by a family member that Richards is alive and well.

Victor Richards’ daughter, who preferred to remain anonymous for her and her family’s privacy, directly reached out to Generation Iron to confirm that he was still alive and well. She had spoken with Richards today – after the initial reports of his passing. Richards himself was not available for direct comment. She provided an official statement to Generation Iron:

The statement reads; I’m pleased to assure you that my father is in fact alive and well. An inaccurate facebook post has caused a wildfire of false information throughout social media and news outlets. Thank you all for your concern, my family appreciates all of the love the bodybuilding community has shown to my dad.”

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