Exposing your body doesn’t make you sexy- Eucharia Anunobi tells ladies

Veteran actress Eucharia Anunobi has dished out some words of advice to colleagues who care to listen.

The actress- cum- gospel minister said wearing skimpy clothes and displaying genitals in public only reduce one’s self-esteem.

She cited famous pop star, Micheal Jackson, as an example, noting that the world star never displayed his private parts to the public yet he was idolised globally.

Eucharia, who shared a video on her Instagram page, said: “You think showing your genitals and mammary glands to the public makes you sexy? Nah that’s dirty and vulgar.

“Sexy is being smart, creative, compassionate, Godly thoughtful, generous, kind, patient, spirit-filled etc.

“Micheal Jackson never showed his genitals to the public yet people were drooling over him”.

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