‘I’m the hardest to catch, it’s not easy dating me’ – Reality TV star, Mercy Eke reacts to reports linking her with several men

Big Brother Naija Star, Mercy Eke has taken to her Instagram account to reacts to reports linking her with several men.

The reality TV star who said she don’t really know why people see female celebrities as cheap prostitutes noted that her own case is different because she is the hardest to catch.

She also stated that she is a ‘Golden fish’ while urging her fans to go and ask men that have dated her the type of woman she is.

Read what she wrote below…

“I don’t know what people take me for. Like I really don’t know how people see me. Go and ask me that have dated me, I am the hardest to catch. Forget this smile smile we are smiling on the Internet,” she said. “Go and ask questions, it’s not easy chilling with me, it’s not easy getting my attention and it’s not even easy dating me, lemme just be honest with you.”

“And there is no guy that would want to date me that would hide me. Everybody would know. That’s why you all know when I’m in a relationship and when I’m not because you can’t hide me, I’m a golden fish.”

However, Mercy may be a golden fish in the dating pond, but she has had her fair share of failed relationships. The reality TV star used to be in a relationship with reality TV star, Ike Onyeoma.

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