Black man files lawsuit against Miami police over arrest of stealing his own car

A black man has filed a lawsuit against Miami police after they arrested him for “stealing” his own car three years ago. A black man identified as Samuel Scott Jr called the police in June 2018 to report that his Jeep Compass had been stolen. However, an hour later, the police arrived and arrested him for theft.

In body camera footage, Mr Scott can be seen handcuffed by the police as they tell him that he matches the description of the person who stole the car.

According to the complaint, the police’s description of the perpetrator was “Black male, bald, about 6ft 2in and heavyset, with a white tank top”.

“iI called because my car got stolen,” Mr Scott said as he laughed at the situation, adding: “I mean, why would I call the police?” He later asked: “Why am I in handcuffs?”
In the video, Mr Scott constantly mentioned his children and said that they would be home soon. He added that all his items were in the car when it got stolen. The police charged him with leaving the scene of an accident, false reporting of a crime, failure to carry a concealed-weapon licence, and possession of cannabis,

Now, three years later, he is suing the city of Miami and officers Jonathan Guzman, Michael Bloom, Brandon Williams, Miguel Hernandez, and Randy Carriel for interrogating and arresting him “as if he had stolen his own vehicle”.
Mr Scott’s allegations include unlawful search, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution. He has sought $500,000 (£370,000) in damages.

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