I’m way too sexy and hot – Singer Burna Boy gushes over himself

Nigerian singer Burna Boy, on Friday claimed that he’s way too sexy and hot. The Singer who took to his Instagram stories to share videos of himself and his manager mum, Bose Ogulu, at an event wrote, “I’m too hot. I walked in and the fire alarm went off. Way too sexy.” (sic)

Sharing a video of himself holding his phone and flashing his dentition, the singer said, “Had to shave my beard. Lol. Now I look my age”(sic). The video also showed that Burna Boy’s beards were starting to grow again as stubbles were visible under his chin.

When fans complaints persisted, the singer said, ““I love you all too! But don’t make me cut the hair on my head as well. If you love me for my hair Or my beard or some shit I bought with money. Then that’s great but anybody can grow hair and buy shit. “Don’t build your life on conditional love. Build on family, build on those who have shown no sign of potential, disloyalty. Build on talent, build on God.” (sic)
However, his latest post showed that he’s fastly regaining his former look.

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