Late Sagir Hamidu’s brother reveals how Bandits killed the Politician

The relations of late Sagir, said the bandits fired at the vehicle conveying him to Abuja, when his driver attempted to make a U-turn and return to Kaduna.

Malam Mohammed Surajo Hamidu, a younger brother to late Sagir Hamidu, told journalists that ” we were told kidnappers blocked the road. When my brother got there ,they quickly reversed to head towards the other direction but 3 gunmen came out from hiding and ambushed them.”

Recall that the former FCT Director, Sagir Hamidu was ambushed and killed by bandits along the dreaded Abuja-Kaduna road.

His driver, however, cheated death by narrowly escaping bullet shots, and was able to narrate how his boss was killed.

” The gunmen said nothing but only shot at them. A bullet hit Sagir on his chest and another hit his leg.”
” Allah saved the driver ,he survived and told us what happened. He said as the gun shots raged,he quickly jumped out of the vehicle and hid in the shrubs of a corn farm.”

” He said the bandits even ran over him while searching for their targets. That he was beneath while they jumped over him.They said Sagir was also with his orderly. That they travelled together, ” he said.
He explained further that ” over 40 people were abducted. This thing is overwhelming, even the government,we can only pray.We can only pray.May Almighty Allah bring an end to this ugly situation.” Images posted on social media platforms showed a number of empty vehicles left by the roadside, after the incidence which lasted for over an hour.

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