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R.E.V.E.N.G.E: Charles Martin Says He Desperately Wants To Secure A Rematch With Anthony Joshua Before He Retires

Manager Mike Borao has revealed what is motivating Charles Martin ahead of heavyweight clash with Luis Ortiz in Florida on New Year’s Day

“Charles Martin desperately wants to fight and KO Joshua before he retires,”

According to Mike Borao, Prince’ Charles Martin just wants to gain revenge over Anthony Joshua – and he is one win away from lining up another world title fight, says his manager Mike Borao.

“I think Usyk beats Joshua again, but I am rooting for Joshua,” Martin’s manager Borao told Sky Sports.
“Charles desperately wants to fight and KO Joshua before he retires. He’s been focused on that singular goal since 2016 – it’s what motivates him and it’s the reason why he will beat Luiz Ortiz.

“Charles will do whatever it takes to become two-time heavyweight champion, including fighting a second IBF eliminator against one of the most avoided heavyweights in the world.”

Martin brutally knocked out Gerald Washington in his last bout, but was frustrated in his pursuit of fights against Dillian Whyte and Andy Ruiz Jr

“Charles instructed me to match him against the only fighter to KO Joshua, Andy Ruiz,” said Borao.

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