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SSG reacts to Boko Haram, ISWAP establishing camps in Niger State

Niger State government has reacted to the presence of Boko Haram terrorists and members of Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) in Borgu and Shiroro Local Government Areas of the state.

The ISWAP members have already established their presence in Babana, a border town between Nigeria and the Republic of Benin in  Borgu Local Government Area of the state.

Boko Haram were trying to convince the people in the rural communities to join their group, highlighting that they were instigating the villagers against the government by indoctrinating the people.

Boko Haram terrorists were also operating in some communities in Shiroro Local Government Area of the state.

Alhaji Ahmed Ibrahim Matane, the secretary to the Niger State Government (SSG) stated this on Tuesday in a press briefing with the newsmen in his office at the Government House Minna.

Matane stated further that “now, they have made some audio recordings stating that they were there, that they were not kidnappers,  that they were a religious organisation that was poised at establishing a caliphate in the area that will deal with issues of criminality and other related matters.”

ISWAP elements were the same people that kidnapped a traditional ruler in the Borgu Kingdom recently  “the Dodo of Wawa”, adding they assured the state government that they were not armed bandits, that they were there because they were “God sent.” He added that “We’re not negotiating with the group.”
Ibrahim Matane said that the “ISWAP members cannot enter into Benin Republic because  the Benin Republic authorities have put a barrier on their border. So they are only operating along the periphery of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.”

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