12 children burnt alive in Bulgaria bus crash that claimed 46 lives

12 children, were killed when their bus crashed and erupted in flames in Bulgaria early Tuesday, authorities said. The bus was travelling along the Struma motorway, in South-West Bulgaria, on its way from Istanbul to North Macedonia’s capital of Skopje when it crashed on Tuesday, November 23.

The bus was carrying a total of 52 passengers, most of whom were tourists from North Macedonia, when the incident occurred.

According to authorities, the identification of the dead would be difficult as the bodies were severely damaged by the fire, BNT reported.

The authorities added that the “tragedy is great”, as the majority of the victims were aged between 25 and 30, while 12 of them were children, including a pair of four-year-old twins

The twins’ mum and dad, Avni Ahmeti and Jihan Ahmeti (L) and four-year-old twins, Luan Ahmeti and Alban Ahmeti.

The oldest passenger to die in the fire was an unidentified 63-year-old. The bus appeared to have hit a highway barrier either before or after it caught fire, Bulgarian officials said.

Two women and five men who were traveling in the back of the bus survived by breaking the windows to escape. They have been taken to Pirogov emergency hospital in Sofia and are in stable condition.

The youngest survivor is just 15 years old. Authorities will be investigating the stretch of highway where the accident occurred, which is prone to traffic incidents, according to BNT.

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