Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Reacts To Guilty Verdicts In The Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial

President Joe Biden has stated that nothing can bring Mr. Arbery back to his family and to his community, but the verdict ensures that justice will be served.

In his words; My administration will continue to do the hard work to ensure that equal justice under law is not just a phrase emblazoned in stone above the Supreme Court, but a reality for all Americans.” Three white men–Travis McMichael, his father, Gregory McMichael, and their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan Jr. — had been arrested last year after the shooting of Arbery in the Satilla Shores neighborhood outside Brunswick, Georgia, February 23.

Arbery had been on a jog — a common pastime, according to those who knew him — when the McMichaels grabbed their guns and pursued him. he men said they believed Arbery had committed a crime. Evidence introduced in the trial showed the men had chased Arbery through the streets as he repeatedly tried to elude them. The McMichaels, who were armed, were in one vehicle, while Bryan, who joined while the chase was underway, followed in his own truck, assisting in and recording the chase. Arbery was unarmed and on foot.

A viral video showed Travis McMichael exit his truck and confront Arbery before fatally shooting him as the two tussled.

Vice president–Kamala Harris said in a statement on Wednesday evening that the verdicts —“send an important message, but the fact remains that we still have work to do.”
“The defense counsel chose to set a tone that cast the attendance of ministers at the trial as intimidation and dehumanized a young Black man with racist tropes. The jury arrived at its verdicts despite these tactics,” Harris said.

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