Don’t ride on my humanity: Rema tackles DJ Neptune for allegedly releasing his old record without his approval

Popular Nigerian Singer Rema has accused DJ Neptune of releasing his old record without seeking for his approval.

According to the Singer, With all due respect chief (DJ Neptune) dropped my old record without due process?!!! I am not happy at all.

The ‘Dumebi’ singer noted that when he found out this was about to happen, he called his manager to protest, yet Neptune went ahead anyway.

Don’t violate the codes, can’t drop my song without my notice, can’t even remember the last time we spoke big bro, I pleaded with my manager behind the scenes when you all tagged me before it dropped, y’all still went ahead.

Rema who warned DJ Neptune not to ride on his humanity also insisted that the alleged song must be taken down.

This Game! Don’t ride on my humanity, there are some things I can’t be talked out of and number 1 is my ART, if you are not ok with it then if it’s war then it’s WAR.

Lastly, TAKE MY SHIT DOWN! I’m finna make new enemies after this, but God big pass industry.

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