Singer Jessie J Cries Uncontrollably On Stage After Sharing Miscarriage News

As Jessie J sat on a stool and swayed back and forth to soft music, the ‘Price Tag’ singer reflected on her challenging year.

Last December she lost her hearing, which led to a Ménière’s disease diagnosis, and she also lost her voice at one point, which was “f–king awful” as she “didn’t know who [she] was without” it.

THE Singer who broken down on stage hours after revealing she suffered a pregnancy loss also revealed that this year has been the hardest year she have ever had to get through.

“This year has been hands-down the hardest year I’ve ever had to get through … and then I lost my baby,” she said. “I know I’m going to be OK because there is really nothing else to choose in the way I live.

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Though Jessie J still performed her acoustic set at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles as promised on November 25, the Singer cries uncontrollably despite struggled to hold back her tears.

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