Swedish reacts to their first female prime minister resigning hours after appointment

Magdalena Andersson who was on Wednesday confirmed as Sweden first woman prime minister, resigned within 12 hours after assuming office.

It was gathered that the former PM resigned when a member of the ruling coalition, the center-left Swedish Green party, quit the government in protest after lawmakers passed a budget bill backed by three right-wing parties. Andersson’s Social Democratic Party had put forward an alternative budget proposal that failed to pass.

Andersson said she hopes to form a single-party ruling government. Andersson was Sweden’s finance minister before her brief foray as prime minister, which is also a rarity: Women ministers are most commonly assigned portfolios that concern issues such as family, children, social issues, employment and women’s affairs.

See some reactions below…

@Lucy: It is just another leftist politician destroying yet another woman politician because she is open minded enough for getting right side to join in… and then everything exploded again for her and the government.

@paul: Did she have to make the tea or something?

@Daniel: Gutless, she should stay in the fight, not run away at the first hurdle

@Emma: She is staying in the fight. Her coalition partner quit and she didn’t want her mandate legitimacy to be questioned. This will trigger another election which she is hoping to win as a single party leader and form an effective government.

@Barry: Coalitions don’t work

@Fredrick: She will then also be the second female PM. In one week.

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