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Billionaire Obi Cubana speaks about his client’s controversial death

Obi Cubana the owner of — Hustle and Bustle night club has finally spoken out on the death of a female customer who died at their facility on November 14, 2021. The billionaire businessman alleged that the young woman’s death was not caused by electrocution in the club, instead, she ‘tripped and fell’.

Due to the loss of the female client… the club has reportedly been shut down.

A statement released by Obi Cubana read—— Despite the myriad of question and assumptions out in the public, we had earnestly refrained from making any statement until this moment for two reasons; mainly because we had to join the family and friends to mourn a beautiful life that was taken too soon, and to enable the police to extensively conduct and carry out their investigations. On the — 14th of November 2021, a dear customer whilst leaving our premises tripped and fell and this led to her painful and untimely death. Owing to this tragedy, our management reached a decision to shut down our business so as to adequately mourn the deceased, and also allow the police unfettered access to conduct their investigations.”

“On that fateful morning — the deceased after leaving the club was happily playing around with her friends, when she made a slight run, tripped and fell down a few meters to the car park and became unconscious. Sadly — she passed on — on their way to the hospital. The Nigerian Police Force has extensively carried out their investigations and thoroughly reviewed our wide and lengthy CCTV footage and we await the report of this investigation.

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