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Nigerians Criticizes Mr Ibu For declaring Atiku Abubakar his 2023 presidential candidate

Nigerians has criticized actor Mr. Ibu after he publicly declared Atiku Abubakar his 2023 presidential candidate a few hours after he endorsed Bola Tinubu.
In a video that went viral on Friday, Mr. Ibu was seen alongside other Nollywood actors ‘pledging alliance’ to the National leader of APC.

However, in a shocking twist of event, Mr Ibu took to his Instagram page on Saturday to declare his support for Atiku.
The actor who said he only endorsed Tinubu because he was invited by his associates as an actor noted that he will support Atiku for the 2023 presidency.
Mr Ibu said that Atiku has been like a father to him and the former Vice-President got him a house to ‘use for the main time’. Okafor noted that his presidential candidate in the 2023 election is Atiku Abubakar.

“People approached me about Tinubu’s involvement to contest for the next president of Nigeria. I am a completely independent person; in the area that I perform, I am a comedian, musician and actor. Anything that has to do with anybody, people come to me and I address me in that direction. I know what to do.

I do not know why this thing is going on like this. From time, I will never run sideways. It has been me and Atiku all this while, he has taken me places.

If Atiku is running for president, certainly, because he has done a lot of things for me; there was a time he changed my house. He is like a father to me. He is contesting for president under PDP, certainly, I will be working for him. Atiku is my candidate.”

However, with Mr. Ibu’s explanation, some Nigerians said that the actor is talking like a confused person.

Some said they are highly disappointed in him while advising him to stop talking nonsense.

Some alleged that they no longer have any respect for the actor because of what he said.

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