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NBA YoungBoy’s music videos wiped out from his YouTube Channel for undisclosed reason

The YouTube channel of NBA YoungBoy no longer features the rapper’s music videos, despite having over 10 million subscribers and an original total of over 9.13 billion total views, the latter figure has decreased to 1.25 billion post-deletions.

The page’s “videos” tab has been cleared of uploads altogether.

MBA fans quickly took to social media to express their concern and frustration with the absence of NBA YoungBoy’s official YouTube uploads.

At the — time of writing this report, the 22-year-old artist’s tracks were still delisted from the “videos” portion of his account on the Google-owned platform, which allegedly refused to “promote” YoungBoy due to his image and arrests.

YoungBoy’s arrest occurred while he and 15 others were filming a music video, it bears disclosing.

Alternatively, the aforementioned promotion-related conflict between the rapper’s team and YouTube may have led to the takedowns.

YoungBoy – who was released from jail in late October to serve house arrest ahead of a trial stemming from a September of 2020 arrest – doesn’t seem to have publicly addressed his music’s abrupt removal from the “videos” section of YouTube, or the current lack of music videos.

Some of his fans have speculated that the YouTube videos’ removal could be part of YoungBoy’s defense strategy, besides expressing the opinion that the clips will reemerge once the trial is in the rearview.

One Fan — indicating that he’d previously added YoungBoy tracks to his own YouTube playlists — said in a comment that a portion of the videos were marked “private.”

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