President Joe Biden host CEO’s from Walmart, others to discuss supply chain problems

US — President Joe Biden — met with the CEOs of a number of major retailers and grocers on — Monday to discuss the holiday shopping season — part of the administration’s ongoing effort to emphasize the strength of the —nation’s supply chains amid growing concerns. Biden who held a pool spray with reporters at the top of the CEO event — wanted to ensure ample time spent with the business leaders who traveled to the White House today.

During the roundtable, Biden expressed optimism about the holidays, saying that compared with last year, Americans have “a little more hope.” Biden said fewer Americans were worried about putting food on the table and more are employed, and he noted that “consumer spending has recovered to where it was headed before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We’re hearing similar reports from Small Business Saturday. … And I’m sure some people watching us online are also doing a little Cyber Monday shopping right now(.)

Biden then listened to CEOs in the room and others attending virtually on how they could work with the federal government and how they’ve striven to overcome supply chain issues while keeping their workers safe.
Later Monday afternoon, the President will deliver remarks on his administration’s efforts to strengthen supply chains, lower consumer costs and ensure that shelves are stocked for the holidays, according to the White House.
Prior to the roundtable, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that “throughout the holidays, products will be on shelves and consumers will be able to purchase what they want and need.”

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