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Cristiano Ronaldo bodyguards are being investigated in Portugal — Here is why

Cristiano Ronaldo’s twin bodyguards are being investigated in Portugal for working illegally for the superstar, local reports say.
Brothers Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, who previously served in an elite special forces unit in Afghanistan, are on unpaid leave from the Portuguese police while they carry out private security for the Manchester United striker.

But it is illegal to work in Portugal during their period of leave without permission from the force, according to Observador.
The pair could even go on trial for providing unauthorised close protection and will face disciplinary proceedings when they return to the Public Security Police force, reports say.
They were placed under investigation after they were seen on two occasions working for Ronaldo in Lisbon while on their leave.

The Ramalheiro brothers previously worked for a Portuguese police close protection unit protecting judges and politicians.
Portuguese celeb magazine Flash said the twins, part of a set of triplets, had been hired by Cristiano after they requested to go on leave from the police to pursue other interests.

The star – who recently announced girlfriend Georgina was pregnant with twins – was said to have taken steps to ramp up his security after being warned he was set to become a ‘magnet’ for criminal gangs.
In the past, Cristiano has been protected by a former MMA fighter and an ex-elite paratrooper.

Former paratrooper Nuno Marecos helped keep the footballer safe when he was playing for Spanish side Real Madrid.
When his identity became public in June 2018, Nuno was described as the leader of a group of bullfighters based in a town near Lisbon

The twins now watching over Cristiano and his family hail from Ansiao near the city of Pombal, which is a two-hour drive north of Lisbon.

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