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YouTuber Danny Duncan Accused Of Physically Assaulting Former Employee — SunhatKid

YouTuber Danny Duncan is being accused of physical assault by his former employee and fellow influencer, Aaron Hall, popularly known as SunhatKid. SunhatKid claimed that Duncan frequently put a knife to his throat while working together.
Danny Duncan has amassed a massive fan following online; he has over six million subscribers on YouTube.

The 29-year-old uploads prank videos for his subscribers, many of which involve taking part in practical jokes with other people. These jokes often include having a disagreement with them. Fellow influencer SunhatKid acquired his name after constantly appearing in videos with a sunhat.

He became a known figure in Danny Duncan’s videos and often took part in activities Duncan’s group had arranged. Fans found it strange that Hall disappeared from Duncan’s content recently. Many predicted that the two must have had a falling out. On December 1, SunhatKid took to YouTube detailing the incidents that led to the content creators separating.

He mentioned several instances when Duncan had abused him.

SunhatKid claimed that Duncan made him unfollow several other content creators on social media as he did not want him to collaborate with them. He was also forced to sign a ten-year contract regarding the same.
Duncan also took away 20% of Hall’s earnings.

Aaron “SunhatKid” Hall then narrated the times Duncan resorted to physical abuse.
He claimed the latter had repeatedly hit him in the head; though the two were then involved in friendly banter, SunhatKid ended up with a swollen head and bleeding as well.

The physical abuse continued after SunhatKid failed to perform a skateboarding trick.
Adding to the assault, the content creator explained that Duncan had cornered him in a bathroom and had placed a knife against his throat.

While explaining that he was ‘scared for his life’ he said: I thought there was a chance he was gonna stab me, and I was scared. “

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