Will there be chicken tender shortages? Here’s what we know

Chicken has been a favorite of Americans for decades, but now a potential tender shortage just makes 2021 seem… fowl.

Fast-food chains and many retailers are being hit with higher costs for chicken due to the supply and demand, the cost of processing and even for packaging.

“Americans are expected to eat 100 pounds of chicken per person this year,” reporter Kerry Sanders stated on The Today Show Dec. 2.

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“Tenders require more processing to package and sell, which industry experts say is part of the reason why they can be harder to find and now more costly when you get them in your local market.”

While many homes across the country likely have nuggets and tenders stashed in their freezer, nuggets are made from ‘scraps’ while the tenders are made from whole pieces of tenderloins.

If you’re a fan of the latter, you may want to prepare for a temporary switch.

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Value packs of tenders cost an average of $3.99 a pound right now, which represents an increase of almost $1 from last year, according to Sanders.
Fears of a chicken shortage are nothing new in 2021 though. Just a few months ago, in Sept., KFC stopped promoting their breaded chicken tenders due to a short supply of the fan-favorite item, according to Fortune.

Back in May, the National Chicken Council spokesman Tom Super told USA Today that there was a “very tight supply” of the in-demand food. Around that same time, the world’s second-largest processor of chicken, Tyson, said high demand was part of the reason for a nationwide chicken shortage, tenders included.


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