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Nigerians react as man Shows off the inside look of his mud house with AC, Big TV and Nice Furniture

A man has gained attention after photos of the inside look of his mud house with AC, Big TV and nice furniture surfaced on social media.

Like every other mud house, the man’s house exterior wore the look of something popularly seen in underdeveloped areas or an abode by someone who is not well to do.

But its interior quickly rubbishes any of such thought. A short video capturing its luxurious interior was shared by @gossipmilltv on Instagram and got many talking.

The sitting room had an air conditioner, exotic cushion chair, beautiful paintings as well as other fittings usually obtainable in a 5-star-hotel

He gave a peep into his well-designed bedroom with an array of workout shoes, caps and a Rolex watch he claimed was bought for N100k.

@iam_mayana27_ said:

“Ghana boys lifestyle.. they will be staying in a low house with cheap rent but their rooms are always lit ”

@t.r.ea.sure wrote:

“Ah ahhhhh why are you lying naa mr Linus?? “U hang air condition for room n palour.. Where’s the ac fan outside??”

@iretiwalola_ stated:

“This people just dey think say we no get sense for this Instagram…video from the outside.”


Lovely interior but it really doesn’t make sense living in a mud house when you can afford something better , how does the WC look like ?” @machidalooks thougth:

“Werey Dey disguise efcc don know your strategy now, Dey kuku no get work, na to Dey find mud houses up and down till they see u.”

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