Fans made fun of Bobrisky for saying ‘breathe him’ instead of ‘in’

Crossdresser Bobrisky has told his haters that there is nothing they can do about their feelings towards him. The male barbie urged such people to breathe in and out, adding that it is all they can do

He wrote: “If you don’t like me, breathe in and out. There is nothing more you can do. Just accept your fate.”

Fans however, made fun of the crossdresser as he made a mistake in his spelling of ‘in.’

See some reactions below

tkinzystar: “Lol y’all know this is just a typo error right ? Make Una free Bob.”


“Wahala be like chest Xray, breathe him/ breathe out!!!”


breath “her” nko.”


“She no vex say them no like he,he go better for she.”


“(IN) not Him. Know this and know peace Hanty.”


“Which one is breath him again?”


“But I don’t want to breath him.”


“Olodo, e say na breath him.” kidividual_:

“Yes please, we’ll inhale HIM well only if he scents good.”

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