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Believe it or not, Kayamata is working on you – Jaruma responds to Ned Nwoko after the billionaire called her out on social media

Jaruma has responded to actress Regina daniels husband— Ned Nwoko after the billionaire called her out on social media.

Jaruma claimed there is no iota of truth in everything Ned Nwoko said about her estranged wife — Laila.

She also revealed that the last time she was at Laila’s house, before the couple separated, Laila was full of praise for Ned.
Jaruma said she was looking at the photos displayed in the house, admiring the kids photos and when she got to Ned’s photo, she paused.

Ned Nwoko and Laila

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She said Laila then told her, “Handsome guy, right?”

Jaruma then said Ned: “didn’t do Laila right. This woman loved you and she said only the kindest things about you. she added

“Even to me, Regina’s friend, she could still tell me her 74-year-old husband is handsome.”

She even went on to say that for the billionaire to divorce his other wife is a sign that her Kayamata product is definitely working on him.

Nigerians are saying that for you to write all this again today about Jaruma,Read here that means TRULY, Jaruma product is working on you.

Read what she wrote below..

Jaruma reveals what Laila allegedly told her about Ned Nwoko when she paid her a visit

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